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a spondylus bead from south france by fotisif
March 4, 2014, 4:43 pm
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An inquiry on behalf of Anne Hasler from INRAP concering an interesting Spondylus bead

planche Néo perle sans ombreWe found a circular bead made out of Spondylus in the south of France (ca. 4600 cal BC, early Middle Neolithic of France), where similar finds are totally unknown. The only quite similar bead I found comes from Vinča Belo Brdo: it is the biconical bead found during M. Vasić’s excavations and published by V. Dimitrijević and B. Tripković.

Knowing that a previous dig in Provence showed some links between south of France and Balkans for the early Middle Neolithic, I wonder if some of the readers could help me tracing other beads of this kind.


Anne Hasler (anne.hasler@inrap.fr)

Photograph © Vincent Mourre /Inrap