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Cala Tramontana Spondylus by fotisif
December 12, 2010, 9:55 pm
Filed under: publications, Spondylus studies

New data from old collections: Neolithic shell ring bracelets from Cala Tramontana (San Domino, Tremiti Islands)
by Roberto Micheli

Available at http://portale.comune.verona.it/media/_ComVR/Cdr/Mus_sto_nat/Allegati/023-036_Micheli.indd.pdf


One of the most characteristic personal ornaments of the European Neolithic is the ring bracelet made of stone or shell. In Italy, it was employed between the Early and Middle Neolithic, that is between the middle of the 6th millennium and the second half of the 5th millennium cal. BC. Its diffusion was very wide in the Northern Italian regions over several cultural groups, but it is attested, to a lower extent, also in the Southern territories and in the islands. The paper presents the shell bracelets found in the Middle Neolithic settlement of Cala Tramontana, in the San Domino Island (Tremiti Islands), by Francesco Zorzi in the 1950s and now kept in the Museo Civico di Storia Naturale of Verona. It also considers some manufacturing remains of shell bracelets documenting a local production. Th ese data improve our knowledge of the techniques and skills employed in the manufacturing of personal ornaments during the Italian Neolithic.


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