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Poznań “princesses’ grave” by fotisif
April 1, 2008, 5:57 pm
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Poznań Archaeological Museum, Poland

Known as the ‘princesses’ grave’, this burial is the only one of its type to have been found in Poland. It was discovered at Krusza Zamkowa in the Inowrocław District and is contemporary with the settlement at Racot, Czempiń district. The older of the two females, aged 25-30 years at death, had earrings of copper and calcite beads, a bracelet made of Spondylus shells, a hip belt comprising several strings of Spondylus shell beads (these items are imports from beyond the Carpathians) and a number of ornate armlets made of deer antler (probably acquired from a hunter-gatherer community).
The younger ‘princess’ was a girl aged 7-8 years, who was buried with a diadem of copper beads, a necklace consisting of copper plates, two pendants made of Theodoxus shell, antler armlets and a hip belt comprised of several strings of Spondylus shell beads and fringed with Theodoxus shells. This assemblage is a loan from the Institute of Prehistory of the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań.



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its amazing how they can carve shells and drill holes on them way back then…

Comment by ed

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